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Company Name

Grune Inc.

Established Date

November 15, 2016


CEO - Toshichika Yamashita
Managing Director - Akihiko Ban
Managing Director - Takuro Kajiya
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JPY 33 million (USD 302.000)


CEO - Toshichika Yamashita
COO - Akihiko Ban

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Business Details

IT Consultant
Web/Web Appllication Development
Mobile Application Development
AI System Construction
3D, VR, AR Development
Web Advertising

Management Team

CEO Profile

CEO - Toshichika Yamashita

Started as a System Engineer at the German branch of a Swiss Company. He developed business systems, web systems, and mobile apps for European car and luxury watch makers. After returning to Japan in 2014, he established Grune Inc. in order to achieve the first rate development services, which he experienced during his period as an engineer in Germany, with an international team. Two development centers in Indonesia were created to expand the company's bases in Asia.

COO Profile

Managing Director & COO - Akihiko Ban

Joined Mfro Co., Ltd. in 2006 which provided a web service, then became the director of the company in 2017. Since joining the company, he consistently cultivated new businesses (in-house services) and excelled in numerous occupations (infrastructure/development engineer, service planning, sale solution). In September 2019, he retired from the board of directors of Mfro to become the director of Grune Inc. and actively compete in advanced fields. He is in charge of launching and operating new businesses.

Director Profile

Managing Director & DX Strategist - Takuro Kajiya

Graduated from Keio University. He completed the Globis School of Management (MBA). After working at GE Japan, he was in charge of launching and operating the Globis Sendai School and managing the Fukuoka School. Currently, he manages four companies (in management strategy consulting, agriculture, the livestock industry and the restaurant industry) as representative director. He is a full-time faculty member at Globis School of Management. His co-authorship includes "Japanese-Style Selfless Management Power" (Kobunsha). Joined Grune in November 2021 and is in charge of DX strategy planning and offshore processing.

General Manager Profile

Indonesian General Manager - Ida Hendra

After graduating from Bandung Institute of Technology, the top science department in Indonesia, he attended Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Nanomechanics for his Master's Degree. Then continued his Doctoral Course in Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Intelligent Device Materials. As the general manager of the Grune team in Indonesia, he is in charge of company management, recruitment, human resources development, project management, communication with the Japanese team, and collaboration with educational institutions such as local national universities.

Co-Founder Profile

Co-Founder & Global Strategist - B.Cervilla

Director of a Swiss foreign-owned software company with more than 50 offices in 30 countries. Since 2008, he has been in charge of system development projects for global companies in the manufacturing field, mainly in Europe with Yamashita-san, the CEO of Grune Inc. In 2016, he collaborated in the establishment of Grune and is currently based in Switzerland and Spain. He is in charge of DX strategy and global strategy.





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