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3D Designer


3D Designer

Born in Tabanan (southwest part of Bali, Indonesia), I graduated with my bachelor's degree from Design & Business Institute Bali. I previously worked for a design and animation company in Bali as a graphic designer and animator. I am very interested in the world of art, culture, design, and technology. I believe by combining elements of art, culture, and technology will create beautiful work and useful for society.

Why did you choose Grune?

Since I was little, I often watched Japanese anime. It made me interested in Japanese design and animation styles. I hope one day I can work with a Japanese design and animation company. I think Grune is the right company where I can use my design and animation skills properly.

How is the Grune working atmosphere?

The working atmosphere at Grune is very comfortable with good and friendly co-workers who can support and help each other.

What do you think about Japanese Members?

Japanese members are very kind and friendly, giving good explanations on each task so it is helpful for me to do my task. I learned a lot about time management and work ethics from the Japanese members.

How is the general manager?

Being part of a company like Grune is a very valuable experience for me, which of course I am very grateful to the manager for giving me the opportunity. The manager not only knows how to manage a company but also can gather various people (with differences in personality) together so they can work together and create a solid and trusting team.

In your opinion what is the excellence of Grune?

Grune is a company that can bring together the vision and mission to different people so that they can work together for one purpose.

Why did you choose the IT field for your career?

IT is an important field and will continue to evolve over time. In the future, there will be many business opportunities in the IT sector. In addition, IT companies create many jobs that can help advance the economy.

What kind of company would you like Grune to be in the future?

Grune must be able to be a large company that can accommodate many employees so it can prosper and provide good benefits for the community and employees.

What is your current responsibility for Grune?

My responsibility at Grune is as a 3D designer who does 3D design, modeling, styling, and preparing various 3D assets required by the other 3D members.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be able to work in a company that deals with graphic design and animation so my hobbies and work can run in harmony. That will make work can be a lot of fun.

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