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Senior 3D / Web Designer

Thoiful Minan 

Senior 3D / Web Designer

I was born in Tuban (East Java, Indonesia) in Mei 1985. I am very interested in almost everything related to information technology (IT) and design. I was working at an advertising company for 2 years and 3 years on civil engineering related works, and 4 years on an architecture-interior company. Now working with Grune as a senior 3D and Web designer.

Why did you choose Grune?

I was working in an architecture-interior company in Singapore previously. I found limitation to find my passion for IT and decided to move. I found Grune can give me opportunities and can accommodate my interest in IT and design at the same time. I thought this step might give me more experience for my future.

How is the Grune working atmosphere?

The current 3D members are young. They joined me in 3d team with very basic knowledge on design. However, with their spirit of learning, I found my working environment is very interesting to see how people can grow with enjoy and fun. That makes Grune's working environment so exciting.

What do you think about Japanese Members?

We do not communicate so much with Japanese members as we did before. Now, the communication of 3D projects is concentrated on one 3D project manager in Japan. I think that part we need to take care of more in the future. When the workload is high (especially when we gon many orders from the clients), we might have issues in communication.

How is the CEO?

The CEO is very kind and very hardworking. He has a lot of experience in IT. In addition, he is an architectural graduate which is can have a positive impact on our work which combines IT and design. He also thinks intensely about the future of all the members of the company. He wants to give many opportunities for members to grow.

In your opinion what is the excellence of Grune?

Grune has many advantages compared to other companies, especially for members who work in Indonesia. Grune is an international company which always keeps up with the development of new technology in the IT industry. It makes all members will gain a lot of experience for their work which hopefully results in the improvement of their career and their quality of life in the future.

Why did you choose the IT field for your career?

Continue to develop is an important point for me. Therefore, design without technology is lack and vice versa. By joining an IT company that also works intensively with design, the design output be more useful for users in terms of quality and ease of use. It gives me a lot of experience and finds a joyful feeling in my work.

What kind of company would you like Grune to be in the future?

I hope Grune will continue to evolve as a company that prioritizes human resource development. It will make Grune be able to compete in this current world where the advancement of design and technology is moving and changing very fast.

What is your current responsibility for Grune?

Now I am working at Grune as a leader of the 3D team. My responsibility is to increase human resources which advance not only in IT and design but also good in personality to become a good designer.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be able to work with the latest technology in the field of extended reality (XR) and new devices like 3D printing, motion capture, and 3D scanner.

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