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Web Developer

Wiku Galindra 

Web Developer

I am Wiku, I live in Batu (East Java, Indonesia). I am 22 years old. I have graduated from a public university in y city with a bachelor of computer science. I am interested in development stuff, especially on a website platform.

Why did you choose Grune?

I knew Grune from the job portal, when I see the company profile I feel amazed and I think if I join this company I will get a new insight especially about coding stuff, and I think Grune will be a good place for me to develop myself.

How is the Grune working atmosphere?

Everything is prepared and controlled, I do not find it difficult to adapt. On the first day, I joined Grune, I found everything is always coordinated. The people are nice too. When I faced difficulties, I asked the others and they always help me find the solution.

What do you think about Japanese Members?

For now, I think the Japanese members are nice, they often tell the progress of what they have already done and sometimes confirm if the Indonesian team has questions related to the project.

How is the general manager?

The manager is a professional and diligent general manager. The manager taught me many things. Not only he taught me about the Grune working environment but also the way of thinking while working.

In your opinion what is the excellence of Grune?

Grune can keep all the overseas member working together. In addition, Grune also stays up to date with the latest technology, especially in website development.

Why did you choose the IT field for your career?

Nowadays almost everything related to study IT is accessible through the internet. There will be always a way for those who search for knowledge. With my skill (in website development, native app, and what I have learned in college), choosing the IT department as a career is a good opportunity.

What kind of company would you like Grune to be in the future?

I hope Grune can be a better company. I hope Grune can be a place for everyone to learn about everything and develop their self-potential.

What is your current responsibility for Grune?

So far my current main responsibility is implementing features based on the specification into a code and coordinate with the team about anything related to the ongoing project.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be able to work on a job that I am happy and comfortable with. I want to work on the job that balance with my other aspect of life.

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