バリのエンジニアのGruneの仙台オフィス滞在: A Day in the Life of Balinese Engineer – Working in Grune Sendai Office

First of all, my name is Dirga and I am one of the members in Grune Bali office. I have been working in Grune Bali since February 2019. I was given the opportunity to go on a three week-long overseas trip to Japan in October 2022 to work closely with Grune members in the Japan office.

The main office in Japan is located in the heart of Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture. Sendai is famously known as a city of trees. The office’s strategic location provides easy access to all various places of Sendai city. The working day starts early at 09.00 JST (Japan Standard Time). I used to take the 30-minute walk to the office as my “morning walk”, enjoying the cityscape of Sendai and the autumn leaves.

Throughout the day, I am involved in various activities, managing our on-going project, helping communication between the Japan and Indonesian team, attending meetings with teams, attending English classes, etc. I also have the opportunity to learn with colleagues from different projects such as AI projects, which helps to broaden my perspective and improve my problem-solving skills. The workday is fast-paced and challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. I am constantly learning new things and pushing myself to grow both personally and professionally.

During lunch break time, the Japan members take very good care of me. We visited several restaurants and they brought me to try many delicious Japanese dishes which I enjoyed a lot. My best meal in Sendai was Ippudo Ramen! It was shockingly delicious and unlike anything I had ever tasted before. And I also loved the lunch at Hesono near the office where I could choose a different menu every day. I always had a hard time deciding which menu to choose. During these times we usually discuss our cultural differences, getting to know each other, and many interesting casual talks. In the evening, after work, we usually have a private shisha party with several members. This is where we usually enjoy a more casual way with some beer and rice wine. It was my first time drinking rice wine and it was fantastic. We have arak which is probably a similar type of liquor. I guess that rice wine is easier to drink than Arak and has a wonderful aroma and taste.

During my stay, our CEO Mr Yamashita let me stay in his stunning apartment. He taught me many great things about the company values and foundation, histories, leadership, and so many other things that I have never known before. I learned a lot from his mentoring and I could not thank him enough!

One of the things that I love most about working in the Grune is the diversity of our team. Grune has members from all over the world – Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand and France – who follow different religions and have different values.We have colleagues from all over the world, which creates a dynamic and multicultural work environment. This diversity also allows us to bring a unique and global perspective to our projects and clients.The Grune Japan office also highly values quality and equality regardless of your gender, race, or religion.

Working at Grune Japan office was an exciting and rewarding experience for me. It provides an opportunity to immerse myself in the rich culture of Japan. Being able to experience the unique customs and traditions of the country first-hand is an invaluable learning experience that enriches my personal and professional life. For example, the Japanese culture of bowing. Some other Asian countries have similar gestures, but it was fascinating to see how the Japanese respect others by bowing. Another memorable experience was seeing people in the streets wearing beautiful kimonos, which are traditional Japanese clothes.
I am grateful for the opportunity to work in such a dynamic and exciting environment, and I look forward to continuing to grow and develop as a professional in Grune as well as delivering all the values I learned back to the Indonesian team.