シャカリキ Konさん: Shakariki Kon san

Kon san opened “Sharariki” restaurant at Uluwatu 5 years ago and survive the Covid. When he lived in New Zealand for 5 years, he was absolutely charmed by Bali waves every his holiday then finally he decided “I live in Bali”. To achieve his dream, he started the restaurant. It was a big challenge. I feel so close to him because we founded the Indonesia branch at the same time.

I just today remembered we were talking about menu, interior, building and so on before starting “Shakariki” with another friend “Yu san” in Thai restaurant.

It was great surprise for me and impressed, to get a cleared land, build and make interior. I guess it is not so easy to found a company, hire, train and manage all Indonesian members, business for foreigners, get a VISA and fresh ingredients, menu, accounting, marketing by himself. Then the Covid came.

Now the number of staff is more than 15, all tables are full at dinner time. The charming staffs, I can see easily the customers loves the staffs, the food and the place.

Cantik Sekali

The terrace tables are also always full with guests

He looks quite busy but I am so happy to see that. i was nearly peeing out of excitement like my dog.

Gruneも海外での売上の比率を拡大していく。仲間を見習って、挑戦者であり続ける。失敗したことのない人間というのは、挑戦をしたことのない人間である。 by Albert Einstein
We “Grune” will increase sales like him, Be a challenger. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. by Albert Einstein

At the parking on the way back, a guy called me “Yama!” with hoarse voice,

スダール!! ひさしぶり、コロナ以来だわ
Sudar!! Long time no see

He made a big mistake by Yu san but now he is a security staff and sleeps at the restaurant. A woman was angry long time ago when he did massage with too much his Sexual techniques. I gave him tip so he would save me against Mafia. Great thanks Mr. Kakuei Tanaka.

Keep surfing and party together, Bro!