Become a Professional IT
Engineer Who Can Compete Globally

By working in an English environment with an international development team
In a few years, you will be able to compete globally and gain skills that will last a lifetime.

About Us

We are global IT company with Office in Japan (Tokyo, Sendai, Fukushima) and Indonesia (Bali). We operated under Grune Inc. (Japan) and PT. Grune Teknologi (Indonesia).

Our businesses are IT consultants, Web Development, Mobile apps (Android and iOS), 3D Designs, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Digital Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our company philosophy is to train and make engineers happy, and propagate that happiness to the future and society. If you are not happy, you cannot make others happy. First of all, you need to be happy. People may have different definitions of happiness, we define happiness is for engineers is having high skills and earning higher rewards by making greater contributions to society.

Please check more about our company form our CEO message video below or by reading our CEO Blog on the goal of our company.

Why Join Us


Exposure to International Working Environment

We work with members from foreign countries. You will get experience working in an International team and understanding other cultures.

We are actively working with English day to day. Your English skills will be improved.


Good Working Environment

We are full of young people who always strive to improve our skills. The average age of members is 26.6 years. the manager is only 32 years old.

We are very lean (effective management), less bureaucracy, and result oriented. You can discuss something with top management directly. We consider your opinion. You can shape the company's technology. Let's create the company that we want.

You can give a significant contribution by joining us compared to joining a big company. If you enjoy making improvements and growing together rather than becoming an ordinary employee in big companies, we are suitable for you.

Possibility To Grow

We have dynamic projects. You can improve your skills and knowledge without moving company. We have had fascinating international projects. Our members also will help you to improve.

Your carrier will not be stuck as a programmer. You can grow to work on system design or system analysis. You can level up to work on project management and become a project manager.

We will increase from 25 to 200 members in Indonesia the next in 5 years, you have a big chance to be a leader and make an impact. We also have an offer for stock options for those who brings important growth to the company.


Chance To Work Abroad

You can work abroad with full coverage from the company. We send members to work abroad for 1 month and all expenses will be covered by the company.

You can enjoy a completely new experience by working abroad with an international team. You can enjoy sightseeing during your business trip.

Competitive Salary and Bonus

We provide a competitive salary based on fair assessment and various benefits. Race, gender, and age does not matter. We promise rewards to those who perform.

Employment status is a Permanent Employee. Worry-free about your future and focus on working to deliver the best product.


From CEO

山下 敏義

Toshichika Yamashita

代表取締役 CEO

After graduating from university, I worked as a programmer for a Switzerland-based company in a Germany Branch. I developed business systems, web systems, and mobile applications for European car and luxury watchmakers. After returning to Japan, I became independent and established Grune Co., Ltd. I set up development centers in Asia such as Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

My hobbies are surfing, hiking, and snowboarding. I want to create an environment where I can enjoy IT development while traveling to mountains and beaches around the world. My mission is to let Grune members work and play to the fullest and enjoy their lives.

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山下 敏義
山下 敏義
山下 敏義
山下 敏義

Attractive Project


We have had several fascinating
international projects for European luxury
brands (watch, car, etc.)


Race, gender and age do not matter.
We promise a return to those who produce results.
Some members even achieved a 200%
salary increase in two years.


Besides Web and Mobile Application development,
there are many 3D, VR, and AR projects development,
and we will focus on AI services in the future.


Over 150% average sales growth over the last 5 years.
The number of employees doubled from
20 two years ago to 43 today. Within 5 years,
we will exceed 200 people, achieve IPO,
and realize further step up.


You have the opportunity to become a leader from
a young age. We are looking for friends who can enjoy
the fun of growing the company with their power.

Adopted for


Grune capabilities were recognized and selected as part of the acceleration program "G-STARTUP (money forward president Tsuji et al.)" for companies aiming to be unicorns, provided by Globis.

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Recommendation from
the Indonesian Embassy

We choose to establish our development centre for IT services in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia which is currently a rapid growing country.
Grune has received an Official Recommendation from the Indonesian Embassy in Japan as a company that promotes bilateral relations between Japan and Indonesia in the creative field.

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Internship Story


Erik Cervilla


Hi everyone, my name is Erik. I am Spanish but grew up in Switzerland. I studied International Management at a university in Germany. My courses required a mandatory internship in a company. Then, I remembered a friend of my family who runs a start-up in Japan. His name is Toshicika Yamashita, CEO and founder of Grune inc. After exchanging thoughts, he recognized my motivation and a compatible connection between the internship and my study. He offered me an internship at Grune Indonesia, a subsidiary company of Grune inc. Grune Indonesia provided me with salary, accommodation, and lent me a motorbike for my transportation. Grune Indonesia at that time had 2 offices, in Bali and Yogyakarta. I have never visited Indonesia and I was so excited.

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Status and Benefits

Employment Status

  • Employment status is a Permanent Employee (PKWTT with probation of 3 months according to Indonesian Law).


  • Salary.
  • Full coverage of Health Insurance (BPJS Kesehatan), Social Insurance (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan), and Income Tax (PPh21).
  • Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR).
  • End-Year Bonus.
  • Paid Leave (12 days minimum annually).
  • Work From Home 2-3 days a week.
  • Career plan.
  • Stock option for those who brings important growth to the company.

Job Description

Job Description

  • You will be involved in programing, system design, and development work of the assigned project.
  • If you are a leader, you also contribute to nurture junior programmer and suggest improvements for the management.
  • High opportunity to involve in the company management. You can level up your career.

Preferred Skills

  • Have experience in IT programming for 2 years.
  • HTML, CSS (SCSS, Tailwind), JavaScript (Vue js, React js), PHP (Laravel), Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Mobile apps (Java, Swift, React Native, Kotlin, Flutter), Python (Django), 3D (Modeling, Unity/Unreal Engine).

Hiring Process


Contact Us

Feel free to ask anything in the inquiry form below or reach us to this phone number (WhatApp Available).


Short interview.

Feel free to ask anything directly. We can talk in a cafe or you can come to our office also and feel the vibes. We do not do technical interview.


Coding Test

Technical test (1 week) and checking test results (2-3 Days).


Offer or Rejection

We will contact you for an offer or rejection (1 week from test results to the notification of acceptance or rejection).

Other Informations

Who Should Apply?

  • Those who enjoy rapid growth and improvement, who love to study new things, and adapt to change. IT Industry changes rapidly.

Approximate Salary Scale

  • Fress Grad. : IDR 4-5 million.
  • Junior Prog. : IDR 5-7 million.
  • Mid. Level Prog. : IDR 7-10 million.
  • Senior Prog. : IDR 10-15 million.
  • Senior Prog. with Management Role: IDR 15-25 million *For a fresh graduate, salary will depend on test results and portfolio. For experienced candidates, salary will depend on experience and skills.

Salary Evaluation

  • Twice a year based on performance assessment.

Number of Members

  • 20-25, Indonesia.
  • 20-25, Japan.

Work Location

  • Office: West Denpasar (South Mahendradatta).

Work From Home?

  • Yes, 2-3 days a week. You can work from your home or anywhere as long as you are responsive on the working hours.
  • We implement hybrid working condition. We believe you need to come to the officeto discuss the project, how to proceed, and making good friend. We care of you growth and development.

Work From Home?

  • Working time.
  • End 17.00〜18.00 WITA.


  • Casual dress is enough. You can wear short pants, t-shirt, and sandals. You can have tattoo, piercing, and coloring your hair.
  • Dress as you wise and use your favorite hairstyle.


  • 13 to 16 days National Holiday (According to Indonesian Goverment).
  • Paid leave 12 days.
  • About 10 days decided Holiday. 5 days around May and 5 days around December (End-Year).

Development Environment

  • Frontend: Nuxt.js (Nuxt 3, TypeScript), Next.js (TypeScript), SSR, REST, GraphQL, SCSS, Tailwind.
  • Backend: Laravel (for API), Node.js (TypeScript), Next.js.
  • 昼Mobile Apps: Java, Objective C, Flutter.
  • CMS: Wordpress.
  • Source control: Bitbucket, GitHub.
  • Design: Adobe XD, Figma.
  • Communication: Chatwork.
  • Task Management: ClickApp.
  • CI/CD: Bitbucket Pipeline.
  • Auto test: Cypress.
  • 3D Development: Blender, SketchUp.
  • VR Development: Unreal Engine.
  • WebGL: Unity, Enscape, Shapespark.



What is the employment status?



Employment status is Permanent Employee (PKWTT with probation of 3 months according to Indonesian Law). Worry-free about your future and focus on working to deliver the best product.


Will my salary increase over time?



My salary have reducement or not?



Will someone support or help me if I have an issue to solve my task?



Will my carrier improve over time?



What is the most used technology right now?



Can I work remotely?



Is there any rules for dresscode?



How about working time?



What language should I speak?



Can I request day OFF is I have family or personal matter?


Our Office



Jl. Permata Gatsu Regency No.1, Ubung, Denpasar Utara, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80118



980-0014 Intellex Build. 8F 1-6-23 Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai Miyagi - Japan



182-0026 2-51-2 Kotobuki Building 2F Kojima, Chofu-shi Tokyo - Japan

Contact Us

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Working Hours: Monday-Friday,
9:00-18:00 WITA



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