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About Grune

Grune was featured in the Miyagi television program "Chou Iki Only One Miyagi", broadcast on 29 February 2020. Mr. Mogi, a scientist, interviewed us and introduced our "open" office culture and our VR business which are the characteristics of Grune.

Improve Your English Skills Everyday
With an International Development Team

Using English Daily will Change Your Future

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    The English skill of Japanese IT engineers is the lowest in the world, and the annual income gap with IT engineers worldwide is widening year by year.

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    Can you read specifications in English?
    Can you searching for bug errors in English?
    Do you know why you need to research in English?

If You Have a Concern About Managing a Project in English, Do Not Worry.
We Will Support You.

English Lesson

Even if your English is not at native level, it is no problem at all. We provide a weekly English conversation class with native speakers to focus on improving your English skills! You can attend it during working time free of charge. You will be assigned a class according to your English proficiency. Communicate more in English while working and improve your skills!

We also perform a role-play. We pretend that we are on an actual project, and we will learn phrases and sentences which frequently used. Please check the video as an example.

English Work

Most members start with no experience in overseas projects but they actively improve their English and management skill. Members without experience can start work using an automatic translation service, or using a dictionary. However, as you working with English every day, you will naturally acquire English skills.

Private English lessons and lunch with English native speakers will be provided and paid by the company! Grune will do everything to improve our engineers skills! No need to go to expensive English conversation classes anymore.


An Experienced Member Story


矢口 浩平 Kohei Yaguchi

Senior Director

Project development is mostly communicated through a chat web service, so you do not have to rely on spoken English. And if you do not understand something, it is easy to look up!

In an environment where you use English everyday, you will naturally acquire English skills by communicating repeatedly on a daily basis. I started with a TOEIC score of 285, but in less than half a year I was able to manage a team of five Indonesian programmers to complete a project.

Grune Exists for Our Employees

Grune for Professional Members

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    We promise the company's profit will be shared to the members.

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    We treasure how we should spend our working time with joy.

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    Everyone can discuss what kind of company they want Grune to be and the ideal company to strive for.

The average age of our employees is 26.7 years old. As a younger generation, let's create the company we want, instead of working in a traditional company, and being forced to obey older employees, who don't consider our opinion.


We have hanging chairs in our office! It was provided based on the request of the young employees. Let's create the company where we want to come and work every day! A relaxing environment is also necessary to develop our creativity.

There are "Club Activities" for facilitating the communication between members! Communication is very important in Grune to develop good relationships among members to grow. You can add more club activities based on your idea.

The activities of each club are posted on the Club Activity Blog.

  • Snowboard Club
  • Coffee Club
  • Sauna Club
Coffee Club

Fascinating Projects
and Exciting Environments

Attractive Project

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    We have had several fascinating international projects for European luxury brands (watch, car, etc.)

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    Race, gender, and age does not matter. We promise rewards to those who perform. Several members have achieved about 200% salary increase in just two years.

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    Besides Web and Mobile Application development, there are many 3D, VR, and AR projects development, and we will focus on AI services in the future.

Grune capabilities were recognized and selected as part of the acceleration program "G-STARTUP (マネーフォワード辻社長他)" for companies aiming to be unicorns, provided by Globis.

We choose to establish our development centre for IT services in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia which is currently a rapid growing country.

Grune has received an Official Recommendation from the Indonesian Embassy in Japan as a company that promotes bilateral relations between Japan and Indonesia in the creative field.

We are offering "Grune IT English", an educational business to improve IT and English skills. Through the course, we want to realize Grune's philosophy of "Cultivating Engineers Who Can Compete Globally."

Through the course, we will realize Grune's philosophy of "Cultivating Engineers Who Can Compete In The World."

Job Descriptions


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    • You will be involved in system design and development work for the assigned project.
    • After you are fluent in English, you will give instructions to the Indonesian development team. Senior employees will carefully guide you when you have questions or concerns.
    • We have a wide range of projects including web applications, smartphone applications, EC sites, network/server design and construction, 3D, VR, and AR.
    • There is also an opportunity to take charge of company management and business proposals (sales). You can level up your career as an engineer.
    • Customer Percentage - Japan: 70%, Europe: 20%, Asia: 10%
    • Currently, contracted development is about 60% but we plan to strengthen our own services in the future.

Representative Message

From CEO

山下 敏義
山下 敏義
山下 敏義
山下 敏義
山下 敏義 Toshichika Yamashita CEO

After graduating from university, I worked as a programmer for a Switzerland-based company in a Germany Branch. I developed business systems, web systems, and mobile applications for European car and luxury watchmakers. After returning to Japan, I became independent and established Grune Co., Ltd. I set up development centers in Asia such as Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

My hobbies are surfing, hiking, and snowboarding. I want to create an environment where I can enjoy IT development while traveling to mountains and beaches around the world. My mission is to let Grune members work and play to the fullest and enjoy their lives.

We Provide The Best Environment To Work In Joy!

Ideal Environment

  • All management teams are engineers. We know how engineers work and their way of thinking. Thus, we aim to provide the best development environment for engineers to grow.
  • Let's work comfortably in an office with scenic view with a notebook and 2 monitors for everyone! Vertical monitors are also possible if you want.
  • You can take a nap in our hammock! Full muscle training equipment is also available. You can do muscle training during office hours!
  • We hire only people with good attitudes so everyone can have a good working environment. We can work comfortably together only if there are good relationships among coworkers. This is guaranteed by our CEO, Yamashita.
  • You can purchase books you want to read to improve your IT and English skills. The books will be paid by the company. Please improve your skills step by step!
  • We plan to increase the number of foreigners and Indonesian staff staying in Japan and use English as the official conversation language.

We Value Communication Among Members and Provide an Enjoyable Environment!

Employee Communication

  • Various in-house events are scheduled to develop a good relationship among members!
  • The cost of company events are paid by the company! You can get a salary while relaxing.
  • Enjoy outdoors activities such as paddleboarding or sauna tents! Let's interact more through fun activities!
  • You can propose a company event! If you have an idea, please suggest anything and let's make it happen together!

Members Introduction

Professional Members

Erik Cervilla
Sales Director
Ida Bagus
General Manager
Eko Tri Sanjaya
3D / Web Designer
3D Designer
Luqman Hakim
Web Developer
Dirga Paradila
Web Developer
Adi Yoga
Web Developer
Yoga Pratama
Web Developer
Putra Paramartha
Mavindra Adiyasa
Web Developer
Aditya Shindu
Web Developer
Yesi Andri
Web Developer
Abdullah Ridwan
Web Developer
Komang Mudana
Web Developer
Bagus Yudistira
Web Developer
Web Developer
Komang tri
Web Developer
Galih Erlangga
Web Developer
Sarisha Paramitha
Web Developer
Yogi Nugraha
Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Developer

The Candidate We Are Looking For

Ideal Candidate Profile

Who Should Apply?
  • Those who want to grow through project management based on English and IT development with the latest technology.
  • Those who want to be an engineer who can play an active role globally.
  • Those who love and a have high motivation for self-study.
Who Should Not Apply?
  • Those who do not want to grow by actively trying to learn by themselves.
  • Those who are not excited about new technology and do not want to jump out from their comfort zone.
  • Those who do not enjoy a rapid growth.

Recruitment Process


Please Contact Us

Feel free to ask anything from the inquiry form.

Meeting While Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

Let's talk directly while enjoying a cup of coffee at the cafe together (every Wednesday and Friday: around Sendai station). Feel free to ask anything directly.


If you are interested, please apply. You can use the inquiry form, call us, or visit us at the office.

Recruitment Interview

We will have a hiring interview. We also perform a technical test if necessary.

Unofficial Offer

It takes about a week from the application to the notification of acceptance or rejection.

If you are interested in joining Grune, feel free to ask our CEO, Yamashita. He will answer all your questions.

Ask Questions

Recuitment Important Points


  • Salary

    • Without Experience: JPY 220,000/Month ~ 240,000/Month.
    • With Experience: JPY 240,000/Month ~ 600,000/Month.
  • Work Location

    • Sendai Office
      Intellex Building 8F. Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai - Miyagi
    • Indonesia: Bali Office
      Jl. Padangsulasih No.3, Denpasar Barat, Bali
    • ※Overseas office are available for those who are interested.
  • Bonus

    • Twice a year. Determined by performance and evaluation.
  • Salary Increases

    • Twice a year. Determined by evaluation.
  • Various Allowance

    • Transportation (Up to JPY 15,000/Month).
    • Overtime Allowance.
  • Holidays

    • 2 days/week (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays.
    • Year-end, new year, and summer holidays.
    • 124 days of annual holidays (previous year results).
  • Qualification Requirements

    • Those who understand the company philosophy.
    • Those who are motivated to learn.
    • Educational background is not required.
    • More than 1 year of programming experience for web and mobile apps (self-study is okay).
  • Preferred Skills

    • Those who have interest with new technologies.
    • Have experience in IT project definition.
    • English communication skills.
    • PHP, Laravel, CakePHP, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Java, Android(Java), iOS(swift), Unity, Unreal Engine, and C#.
  • Employement Status

    • Contract (fixed terms)/Permanent Employee.
    • ※ Negotiable.
  • Welfare

    • There is a qualification acquisition incentive (up to JPY 100,000/Year).
    • Various Insurance (health, social insurance, accident insurance, and retirement insurance).
    • English Class.
    • Club Activity.
    • Books purchase support.
    • English conversation lunch.
  • Recruitment Background

    • We plan to increase our employees due to sales expansion and to manage our own services. In addition, we will open a new development center in Cebu - Philippines. We need to expand the team on the Japanese side to manage the new development center.
  • Number of Members

    • 40 People (Japan and Indonesia).
  • Location

    • Minamisoma, Fukushima
    • Sendai, Miyagi
    • Chofu, Tokyo
    • Bali, Indonesia
  • Working Hours

    • Japan 9:00~18:00 JST
    • Indonesia 8:00〜17:00 JST
  • Others

    • For those who are interested, we also have Bali (with World Heritage Sites) overseas business trips. Let's enjoy traveling abroad together!
    • Development environment: Git, Slack, Chatwork, Bitbucket, CI (Auto Testing, Auto Deployment, etc.), and learn the latest development technology.
    • We are also recruiting new graduates or internships, so do not hesitate to contact us.
    • We value ourselves and others, and we do not judge people by race, appearance, or religion.
    • Dress as you wish, use your favorite hairstyle, and use any name freely. LGBTQ people are of course welcomed.
  • Other Open Positions

Inquiry Form



    Email Address


    Frequently Asked Question


    • Q1: What is the average age of the employees?
      The average age is 26.7 years old, we are a company full of young members.
    • Q2: Is there any rules of what to wear at the office?
      No. You can wear T-Shirt, hoodies, or anything at the office. However, you need to wear casual business dress when meeting with the customers.
    • Q3: Will transportation be paid?
      We provide train and bus allowance to office. The allowance is up to JPY 15,000.
    • Q4: Can I work from Indonesia (Bali)?
      Japanese employees will work in Sendai. However, it is possible to do a business trip to Indonesia considering your wishes and skills.
    • Q5: Do you have an internship program?
      Yes, we have. Please check this link: https://grune.co.jp/recruit/engineer-intern/
    • Q6: What is the minimum score of TOEIC?
      There is no minimum TOEIC score. A members who started with TOEIC 285 points can work together in a team of 5 Indonesian programmers in less than 6 months. He is doing perfect project management in English.
    • Q7: When do I need to use English?
      English is necessary for communicating with overseas teams related to the development. We communicate through a webchat application.
    • Q8: Is there any projects that required working in the customer office?
      We do not work in the customer office. Even when working of customer projects, we basically work in our own office.
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