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 Web Developer

Adi Yoga

Web Developer

I live in Denpasar, Bali. I graduated with a bachelor of computer information systems and I have experience working in web development for 8 years. I am a hardworking person. I am seeking to apply my skills and knowledge with my maximum efforts. I believe in punctuality, honesty, and the quality of my provided works.

Why did you choose Grune?

Before working for Grune, I worked for 4 years in a local IT company in Bali. In the beginning, I learned a lot about programming there. I felt very comfortable and safe without noticing that I rarely learned something new about design and programming. I came out of my comfort zone and really wanted to work with people in other countries. Then, I worked at Grune because I wanted to know how foreign people like the Japanese can create new and great technology. I am also very interested in Japanese culture. I saw an opportunity to learn more about design, programming, and languages by working at Grune. In addition, I can communicate and make teamwork with Japanese members.

How is the Grune working atmosphere?

The atmosphere while working at Grune for me is very nice and comfortable. The employees are very helpful and supportive. I consider other members are experts in web development. A lot of knowledge I gain which I have never had before as a web developer at Grune.

What do you think about Japanese Members?

Japanese members are very nice and friendly, they give good explanations for each task so it really helps me to work on it. I learned a lot from them such as how to work with a team, time management, and become a better web developer.

How is the general manager?

The manager is very friendly and wise in making decisions. He manages the team not as a staff but as a friend. He was willing to listen and was very patient while teaching us how to work as a team and be more professional as a person. I learned many great things in his leadership.

In your opinion what is the excellence of Grune?

Grune is a multinational company that has a very good understanding of working with overseas members. Grune provides an opportunity for all members to grow and learn something new. Grune also not afraid to introduce new technology. In that sense, I can learn a lot of new things.

Why did you choose the IT field for your career?

Because I am very interested in technology. Since I was in high school, I have learned how websites are built and I have participated in IT competitions. I think it is very cool that people can design and built something (web, app, etc) in IT. Therefore, I have a high interest in exploring IT. I think IT is a great opportunity for the future so I choose IT as my main foundation for my beautiful future.

What kind of company would you like Grune to be in the future?

I hope that Grune grows into a big company with new innovations in IT solutions. I think Grune can reach other countries to make a new overseas collaboration which ensures a better experience for members by providing international collaboration.

What is your current responsibility for Grune?

As a web developer, I am responsible for my task and ensure the quality of the results, especially in the frontend areas where I am most capable. As a member, I am responsible for participating in keeping the work experience good for others.

What is your dream job?

My dream job for the next 5 years is to become a more reliable website developer in Grune. I want the clients to like and be happy with the results I have delivered. So what the client wants on their website, I can make the wish come true. My goal is as simple as that.


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