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 Project Manager

Tomas Sullivan

Project Manager

Graduated from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland with a degree in English literature. I have been an English teacher in Junior High School and a Career Advisor for bilingual Engineers in Japan. I entered Grune because I can use all my existing skills while still challenging myself and growing.


Because it is a company that prioritizes English and internationisation I felt that we could use advanced technology where there is no documentation in Japanese. I felt this would gives us an advantage over other companies which don`t prioritize English.


We have good size desks, 1-2 extra monitors, there are plants everywhere and we can play music in the background. It`s a very pleasant environment to work in.


He really cares about the development of people at Grune, particularly new graduates. He encourages all of us to learn not just technical skills, but core skills like logical thinking and critical thinking. Also if there is a shy member he will try to include them. He goes to lunch with staff maybe once a month and he created a program called English lunch so that member can improve their English. Also if there is a type of project you want to work on(AI, VR etc), he will try to assign you to that project, because he wants staff to be happy in what they do, as much as possible.


I think our focus on continuously improving our work in terms of time, quality and cost is our strength. We are always asking "why is this process necessary? ", "would it be better if we did this?" This means we can save our time which ultimately increases our salary and allows to have better work life balance compared to other Japanese companies.


I want to create an environment where Engineers can speak English comfortably and enjoy speaking English. I would also like to help Grune in dealing with international clients.


I am managing two large projects. One is for a nationwide real estate service and one is a service helping users to find cheap and easy to use parking near them. For projects that I manage, I coordinate the entire software development lifecycle end to end from requirement definition to system design to user testing and SEO. In addition I am in charge of English education for all members. I help translate technical documents and prepare classes focused on English that is necessary for Engineers.


1. Develop a service for engineers and other IT professionals learning English. Particularly, I think Engineers in Japan actually know lots of relevant vocabulary, but need help to become confident in spoken and written English. 2. Manage projects that apply machine learning for a customer problem, for example recommendation systems and natural language processing.


My target is to be an Engineering Manager, managing cross functional teams of programmers, designers and project managers directly.


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