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 Software Engineer

David Green

Software Engineer

I'm originally from the UK, and studied Music Technology at university, but had a keen interest in design and front-end web development. I moved to Japan as an English teacher, but worked on various web and design projects in my spare time. I transitioned to the tech industry and joined Grune, which offers a great environment to grow and be involoved in lots of interesting projects.


I saw Grune's promotional video and it seemed very different to a lot of traditional Japanese companies. There is an international team and we can use English to communicate within the Company.


Grune is a very friendly and motivating environment to work in. It's international, has a good work-life balance, and always has lots of fascinating tech projects in development. The office space is bright and comfortable.


Yamashita-san is very smart and always tries to help and support Grune members. He has so much energy and lots a great ideas for new projects. He spent several years working in Europe, so understands what it's like live in another country and communicate in an international environment.


Grune is forward looking and quickly takes advantage of the lastest A.I., and VR, and web technologies.


I want Grune to be a creative environment, where members can share their ideas and see them become successful projects.


I'm currently managing several projects, including an image recognition app for Japanese sake using React Native, and a recruitment website to help people find part-time jobs using Next JS. The sake-app is particularly interesting, as it also involves a lot on the backend, including designing various API endpoints, admin panels, and the image recognition Python app itself.


I would like work on more A.I. projects in the future. I think it will cause a big shift in the tech industry, and I hope to be part of that.


I hope to be an experienced senior full-stack engineer and manage teams of developers to build projects that have both advanced features and a best-in-class user-experience.


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