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 Web Designer / Director

名取 茉央Mao Natori

Web Designer / Director

Born in Sendai, Miyagi. After graduating from university, I worked as a sales representative for a PR company. While working with various industries at my previous job, I decided to change jobs to expand my opportunities while still in my early 20s and joined Grune.


地元の仙台で、Webデザイナーとしてキャリアチェンジをしたいと思い転職活動していたところ、Gruneの求人を見つけました。その後入社前の面談でGruneやメンバーに対する社長の山下さんの熱い思いに触れ、未経験からのスタートでも一流のプロフェッショナルを目指せる環境に魅力を感じ入社しました。 実際にお話を聞いてみると、社長の山下さんの仕事や会社に対する情熱に心からワクワクできたのと、働きながら英語力が鍛えられるという環境に魅力を感じ「ここに入れば絶対成長できる!」と感じて入社しました。
I was looking for a career change as a web designer in my hometown of Sendai when I found a job at Grune. When I met Yamashita-san, the president, before joining the company, I was impressed by his passion for Grune and its members. I also joined the company because I was attracted to an environment where I could strive to become a first-class professional with no experience.


The president and members are close and the atmosphere is friendly. There are many opportunities to interact with the members outside of work, such as club activities and workcations, and I was able to get to know them naturally.


今の自分に必要なスキルをつけるための具体的なアクションについてアドバイスをいただいたり、メンバーの仲を深める機会をつくってくださったりと、とても面倒見が良い方です。 プライベートではサーフィンが趣味で、アクティブで若々しさ全開!な印象です。 良い意味であまり年齢差を感じません。(笑)
He is a very caring person who advises me on specific actions I can take to develop the skills I need now, and creates opportunities for members to get to know each other better. In his free time he likes to surf. He is very active and young. I don't feel much of an age difference in a positive way.


The strength of Grune is that it is full of members of the same generation who continue to strive for what they want to become, and they inspire me every day. For example, we share what we have learned from recommended books and share our opinions. In this way, there is a culture of learning and building each other up at Grune. It is a great environment for those who are serious about growing as an IT professional.


I want to make the company a place where members can share the challenges they want to take on and help each other improve to achieve their goals. There is already an atmosphere of mutual support for growth at Grune, led by the leaders. If we all understand each other's goals, we will be able to take on projects that will lead to growth and create an environment where everyone can be fulfilled and shine.


As well as working on design as a web designer, I am also involved in a wide range of directional work such as marketing and writing. I feel very fulfilled as I am able to work on my tasks day by day, while enjoying the joy of gradually increasing what I can do as an IT person. For now, I will focus on becoming the "Web Director who knows more about marketing than anyone else in the company", so that even the youngest of us can be as good as our members!


Grune is based in Sendai, Tohoku. So I want to combine Tohoku and IT to create content that shows the world what Tohoku has to offer.


I would like to acquire a high level of logical thinking and communication skills, and fully demonstrate my abilities in both web design and direction.
Thoughtful creativity has an overwhelming presence in the world. To create it, I need to understand the client's appeal and have the interpersonal skills to manage our members towards the goal of creating good content. Grune offers opportunities to challenge myself from a young age, so I will continue to develop my skills and expand my potential in this environment!


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