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Putra Paramartha


Born in Denpasar - Bali, graduated from Telkom University (in Bandung, West Java) with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
I have working experience in Batam and Japan. I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and responsible person with working experience at an international company in Japan.
My knowledge in computer science (which gives more exposure to IT), first-class communication skills, and organizational skills will help the company to grow with a clear purpose and determination to succeed.

Why did you choose Grune?

I have an interest in Japan and Technologies. With my Japanese language skills and my Bachelor in Computer Science, I want to put both of my skills to be useful in my career. Grune is the perfect place for both of my skills to be useful.

How is the Grune working atmosphere?

The working atmosphere is great between each employee. We have lunch together and sometimes we go out for talks or dinner after working hours. All tasks in Grune are prepared the day before or even weeks before. This can prove that Grune's task management is neatly prepared every day.

What do you think about Japanese Members?

All Japanese members are always kindly supporting Indonesian members in all aspects. They will help you in communication with customers, coding, or even helping us to solve several issues.

How is the general manager?

Having a Millenial General Manager is the best opportunity you can have as fellow Millenials. To make things right, we all have to be polite and respectful to all our colleagues. But, this will feel different when you have colleagues the same age or slightly different ages as yourself. Therefore, our communication skills are trained to adapt to the situation (as a friend and professional co-worker).

In your opinion what is the excellence of Grune?

As a Japan - Indonesia company, Grune is an international company. English language skills are essential in this company. English is a useful skill that we need to live in this fast-growing world. At this company, a linguist like me is not only working as an interpreter but also I have a chance to learn coding and various IT knowledge.

Why did you choose the IT field for your career?

IT department will always be a promising field to advance in your career. IT is always evolving day by day, and without our knowledge, IT is always around us. All companies in the world sooner or later will need a touch of IT in their environment.

What kind of company would you like Grune to be in the future?

In the future, I hope Grune will grow as a bigger company (a leading company in IT solutions). This means not only growing in terms of customer, developer, and designer but also to be able to provide more jobs for other fields besides developer or designer. I hope Grune can grow from a startup company to a more structured company like a corporate company but not lose its fun working environment.

What is your current responsibility for Grune?

As a Linguist, I am responsible to deliver smooth communication between Japanese members and Indonesian members. I work as a bridge to connect communication between Japan and Indonesia to achieve our goals.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be able to work in a Japanese company in Indonesia that will give me a chance to work in Japan for several occasions or business trip. Experiencing working culture in both countries always become my desire and it will help to actively practice my Japanese language skill. Only working here in Indonesia, I do not have a frequent chance to practice my Japanese besides when taking a call from Grune's Japanese member about work-related matters or watching Japanese movies.


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